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Huret Derailleur Mounts

Originally Posted by cudak888
There's an adapter for that. Expensive, but worth it if you really want the Jubilee:

Nope. That's not how the Jubilee's Huret-specific stop works. There's no stop in the way, in the first place.


Huret produced at least 3 basic travel limit stop designs as part of the upper knuckle plus various adapters. This shows those integral stops:

History: Huret introduced the Jubilee derailleur ensemble in 1973 to celebrate the companies 50th anniversary in 1970.

The original Jubilee RDs were designed to mount onto the proprietary Huret dropouts only, The travel stop was at 4:00 O'clock. Later Huret introduced Jubilee RDs to fit Campy dropouts without an adapter.

Campagnolo style dropouts with the stop at 7:00 O'clock. By the mid 70's this design had become the de facto industry standard for derailleur hangers. Suntour and Shimano adopted this style and that was all she wrote.

Back then in France a cyclist had to decide which brand of rear derailleur they wanted to use for the life of the bike. The main French players were Simplex and Huret. In their myopic chauvinism each company tried to capture and maintain market share (in France).

Simplex was a little smarter in that they designed their derailleur to be able to fit their proprietary dropout and also Campy style without modification. The Simplex travel stop was a tab that fit over the front of the dropout.

Huret with their Maginot mentality made their hangers so that Campy style RDs couldn't be used but also they were thicker at the front so that Simplex derailleurs wouldn't fit either!

The eBay adapter listed in your link above is designed to work with only Jubilee RDs made to fit Huret dropouts and mount them on Campy style dropouts. I think that my 1st picture above makes the differences clearer.

This was the original Campy style Huret adapter used on some Jubilee and other model Huret RDs. It shows the expansion bolt that the eBay seller warns about. See my Flickr album linked below.

I put this Flickr album together about 10 years ago. It shows some of the peculiarities of Huret mounting bolts. Click on a picture then scroll down to see my comments:

Getting back to the original topic - Huret Keyed Washers:

Here's the link again for my Flickr album for those who missed it in my first message. Read this and save yourself some time...

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