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The 2020 Commuting Mileage Thread!

HEY!!! It's a NEW DECADE!!! YAY!!! The Roaring 2020s!!! (I've re-upped again at the English school in China I've been working for, and as such, it really is perfect vision (2020) for me). Happy New Year!!! So, 2019 is finally over, and it's now 2020 (at least for me it is). That makes it time for the new decade edition of the Commuting Mileage Thread! I know I'm not that active on the forums, but I still don't have a car, want a car (or even like cars for that matter), and I'm still riding my bike almost every day).

For reference, here's the link to the 2019 thread, and a link to the 2018 thread to compare how everyone did over the last couple of years! If you check out this link to the 2017 thread, you'll find links to earlier year's editions.

Here's the instructions based on those written by Swifty . . .

This is a thread where us commuters can log our yearly commuting mileage in. Should be fun!

To add your mileage (Standard or Statute Mile)(and rounded to the tenth of a mile), just copy the list from the previous post and add your name and mileage at the appropriate line in the list. To update your mileage, cut your name and mileage line, and paste it at the new location according to your new mileage total.

[EDIT] By keeping everything in "Courier New", the list aligns nicely... You'll have to change the font, but it makes it easier to keep things looking good [/EDIT]

For even more fun, you can highlight your name in red (Here's a Link to "HOW TO") and you could even add your state's 2 Letter code, or a country code after your name to let us know where you are...

Example: Let's suppose the list is as follows:

Swifty ______________________________ 1275.8 (Total 1405)
John (OH) ___________________________ 1200.4
Mary _________________________________ 988.5 (Total 1350)
Robert (CA) __________________________ 500.0

I want to put in my mileage, so I copy the list above, put in my name plus my current commuting mileage total for this year (Optionally, following that, I'll add parenthesis with my Cumulative Total Miles, or an alternative distance measurement (I use the Chinese Lǐ ()). You can also put in your commute ratios in brackets... e.g [3/5] is three commutes for five opportunities:

Swifty ______________________________ 1275.8 (Total 1405)
John (OH) ___________________________ 1200.4
Mary _________________________________ 988.5 (Total 1350)
Robert (CA) __________________________ 500.0
K'Tesh (PRC) _________________________ 251.7 (643.74) [45/60]

A week later I want to update my mileage, So I copy over the list from the most recent post, and adjust the mileage behind my name. As my mileage has become greater that the mileage of the person above me in the list, I cut and paste my name to represent the changed standings: (You can also put in your commute ratios in brackets... e.g [3/5] is three commutes for five opportunities)

Swifty ______________________________ 1275.8 (Total 1405)
John (OH) ___________________________ 1200.4
Mary _________________________________ 988.5 (Total 1350)
K'Tesh (PRC) _________________________ 671.6 (1931.21) [53/75]
Robert (CA) __________________________ 500.0
Please don't color your state's code or total miles in blue, I only added the color to show where I edited in changes

If you want, you can do a quick search and check out the threads from past years, beginning in 2009. Wow! Has it been 10 years already?!

For me, 2019 ended a lot better than 2018 (save from the continued stress coming from the Maryland/Virginia border area).... I'm praying that the 2020s will be an even better vision still.

I Hope Everyone Has An Even Better 2020!
K'Tesh (PRC)

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