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I overlaid my Canadian Maritimes trip GPS tracks onto Google Earth satellite image to show where the trip was, images below.

Loop out of Halifax. The map shows where I camped and when in YYMMDD format. Also stayed one night in a hostel on the north end of Cape Breton Island and three nights in a hostel in Charlottetown PEI over Canada Day weekend. The only times I made any reservations were at the hostels. If I had camped on Canada Day weekend, I probably would have needed reservations for that too, but other than that holiday weekend there was always room at campgrounds. Not counting time in Halifax or on airplanes, it was a bit under five weeks of cycling. I did a pretty relaxed pace, there were a few longer days but quite a few short days too. Did the trip solo. Some of the campgrounds were quite buggy, bring repellent.

I stayed at the Halifax HI Hostel for a couple nights at the start and at the end of the trip. The hostel has a very small luggage room, if you went there and wanted to store very much while you were riding, they might say no because of the small room size.

Halifax had a very helpful bike shop called Cyclesmith.

Much of the north end of the Cabot Trail was a food desert, but other than northern Cape Breton Island, food and supplies were readily available. Butane fuel canisters could be bought at the MEC store in Halifax (small membership fee required) and Canadian Tire elsewhere.

There is no established bike route, no guidebook, etc. I just traveled where it made sense to go. My plan was to ride to Cape Breton Island and Cabot trail, PEI, Bay of Fundy, and spend a bit of time in Halifax. I laid out a generalized route on a map while at home and generally followed that, but in a few places deviated from my plan for one reason or another.

Where possible, I stayed at Provincial Parks or when I was on Cabot Trail some National Park Campgrounds. There were lots of RV private parks too. Wifi internet access was readily available, but some provincial and national park campgrounds did not have it or it was not working.

Two maps, first covers more area so you can get a better idea where I was. Second is a smaller area but has more detail. Of the 33 days when I was out on my loop, there were 3 days where I did not travel due to high winds, 3 days where I planned to sit out a forecast rainy day, and there were 2 additional days when it rained almost all day long but I rode in the rain. Thus, the weather could have been more cooperative, but overall I would say the weather was good.

Total, 973 miles or 1524 km total on my GPS.

I used my Thorn Nomad. That is a much heavier duty (and therefore heavy) bike than needed for such a trip, but that is my only S&S coupled bike, and having a coupled bike made logistics much simpler getting to and from Halifax, that is why I chose that bike for the trip, no big bike box in the airports. For gearing on my Rohoff, I used a 36T chainring and 16t sprocket, that is my standard gearing for bike touring. Photo taken on Jun 16, seeing snow surprised me, surprised me enough that I had to stop to take a photo.

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