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A recumbent bike or trike is odd enough looking that you are MORE likely to be seen than on a regular bike. There are a few instances where extra caution is needed. Parking lots are a bad place to ride because drivers often don't look in all directions before backing out of a space. It is a bit stupid to pull up alongside the first car in a line waiting for a traffic light to turn green if the car is already at the stop line. They may turn right without looking at anything but traffic coming at them from the opposite direction. We regularly have pedestrians run over under similar circumstance when they start to cross with the crosswalk light in their favor as soon as the light turns green. Bikes are no different. The other place is the local elementary school which is 3 minutes away by bike. It seems as though the IQ of the parents chauffeuring their kids to and from school drops by at least 50 points as soon as they get in view of the school grounds. They double park, pull from the curb without looking and sometimes do U-turns without warning. It's by far the worst place I traverse. There are plenty of wide roads with no parking along them where I live so road width is rarely a problem. Some roads have too much traffic to ride comfortably though.
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