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Originally Posted by JanMM View Post
Seems to me that there is a risk of not being seen by motor vehicles when riding any kind of bicycle or tricycle. Good reason for using eye-catching lights when riding.
As much as good lights, good, bright (and not camouflaging) clothing. (Or seat back on a wider recumbent seat.)

Not a recumbent rider, but these are my observations as both a driver and longtime rider. (On the camouflage note - red is in many circumstances and to many eyes - NOT bright! Patterns, even of very bright colors can disappear in mottled light such as under trees in bright sunlight.) I find drivers see solid yellow, orange and fluorescent green jerseys best in daytime, yellow, white and fluorescent green jerseys at night. (I don't wear fluorescent green. I hate it. But I have lots in yellow and 4 of those wonderful Mavic orange jerseys with lots of silver reflecting fabric.)

There are lighting situations where I do not notice even very bright lights as a driver but do see bright jerseys. Or I notice the jersey before I notice the lights. Fabric also has the advantage that it works just as well on low battery levels and for space cases. I have been known to forget to put a headlight on my bike leaving in late afternoon but I haven't (yet) forgotten my jersey.

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