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Originally Posted by Seattle Forrest
For what it's worth, the people who enjoy the longest lives, and the longest health, all eat a lot of carbs. Look up "blue zones." Eating very low carb increases your chance of getting some cancers, possibly because the lack of fiber is back for your "gut bacteria." Everybody gets to make their own choices in life, but this one seems pretty obvious for healthy people. For cyclists, it's even more obvious because you need carbs for anerobic energy, to give it your all.
A friend posted this interesting perspective on the "blue zones". The paper he references is not as scientifically rigorous as it could be, but I found it thought-provoking, if nothing else.

I'm on board with the fiber research, though... I'm trying to get in the habit of incorporating several types of fiber and setting an interim goal of getting 50% of the RDA each day, if not more.
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