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Thanks guys. I had a possible trade deal going and panicked a little over size decisions. I've done some measurements and learned a bit more now. The 60cm Surly is real close to my Trek MTB now in size except that my MTB has even more reach. The effective top tube length is virtually the same as close as I can measure and the stand over is very close to the same when measured in the center of the MTB top tube. I've made the deal on the Surly LHT. It's a dream that I didn't think would happen this soon. Ya'll wish me luck. Nothing is sure until in hand but things look real good for me to get this bike with less than 100 miles on it since new.

There was some confusion about the Schwinn Voyager I mentioned. I only rode that bike a little. Just enough to think that I could ride it's 59cm frame. Just wanted to clear that up. I ride the Trek Marlin 5 29er 19.5 inch and an old Schwinn 5 speed cruiser in a 23" frame as close as I can tell. The Schwinn has 26 X1.9" tires and a 5 speed rear friction adjusted. It's top tube stand over is 33" which does me fine and the 60CM Surly is a 33.4 inch stand over. I did the stand over the book against the wall measurement and got a whopping 35" even though I wear 32" -33"inseam pants.

Anyway, thanks again for all the help. I feel this is the one that will take me places.

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