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Originally Posted by CyclesMakaron View Post
At the height of my madness, I had 17 EMC frames... At the end of last year I thought it was cool to have these frames, but it would be even cooler if someone else would ride them - hence the decision to sell them... I intend to keep a maximum of 8 frames - one of them I presented in a separate thread: Eddy Merckx Aero 1981; the others are the unusual EM Professional 1980 ("signature"), EM Professional Team Winning 1983, EM Pro SLX Team Panasonic 1986, EM Criterium 1987, EM Corsa Extra Max 1991, EM Corsa Extra 753 1991, EM Chrono SLX 1993 - maybe they'll also get "their" threads.

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Woah 17, that was quite a bike cave you had. And the ones you have left sound very cool.

As this thread has proved, and you yourself have said many times, the descriptions are one thing, but it would be improved with pics . Please post them, on your own threads or elsewhere, they sound too nice to be hidden away
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