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Originally Posted by Crossthreaded88 View Post
So you said "Cruiser" and to me that means 26 x 2.125 so 2 in. is the natural choice unless you want to run skinny tires like the Thickslick that are so trendy. Fat tire for a fat ride I always say leave the skinny tires to the road rats. As I get older I tend to steer towards comfort than towards performance. My road and mountain bikes are just collecting dust and haven't been ridden in a decade or so but my cruisers get a regular workout if only to the beach and/or the Pub on extremely nice days. I say extremely because almost everyday is rideable here in So Cal. I have a 1,3,6,7, and 21 speed to choose from depending on my mood and amount of cardio desired. The scenery is also a deciding factor but on good days a wingman is good to have to help guard against a vicious face plant due to ladies swim suit size and coverage.

She's my fun neighborhood runabout.
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