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Originally Posted by pbass View Post
Thanks Ben. Good info. Yeah, I dunno if I'll ever even try fixed, let alone an event like that, I was just curious about the rigs for this discipline. The whole thing seems super cool to me, but, I'm not a young guy--I don't think it's in my future. Would sure like to ride my ss to a Tracklocross race and support it though!
My teenage son however, loves riding my ss Cross Check and is curious about fixed - - I might have to do it vicariously through him....
If you do ever get the urge to try it,here's some advice. Take a piece of tape and place it on the seatpost 1/2" above the top of the seattube. Now drop the seat to the tape/ Yes, ridiculously low. But when you do try to coast, you cannot come remotely close to locking your knee. Notice I said "when". This is NOT an "if" situation. You have spent years, decades training your body and legs to coast when the situation gets iffy. It will take that kick from the pedal, perhaps a few times, before you have re-trained you reflexes. As miserable as that super low seat is, you will be deeply grateful after that first time! As you go through the learning process, you can start inching the seat back up. (This would have changed the outcome of the crash I described a lot. Big time for the better!)
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