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Bike for a fat beginner


I am looking at buying a bike to get in shape (350 lbs) and spend more time with my son. Being really fat means I need a strong bike. So yesterday I went to a couple LBS's. One box store girl recommended the Verve 2. The other shop suggested the Electra Townie. Looking online last night I saw somewhere that they recommended a touring bike because they are overbuilt tanks.

I am trying to stay near that $500 mark so that if i don't enjoy it i won't be too much money. So this has me looking used. Prices I am seeing are a lot higher than bicycle blue book. 😳

I found a used Fuji Touring for $450 with a small frame. Fuji size guide says 5'3" to 5'7". I'm 5'8" with only a 28-29' inch seam. Would this be okay to jump into?

Should I be looking into certain brands? Or different style of bikes completely?
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