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Originally Posted by Chrisp72 View Post

This is a link for a 54cm Trek 520 from Pinkbike. It's going for $400 USD so it's within your budget. It may need to be shipped to you as its in Wisconsin, or it you're feeling adventurous you could try to drive and pick it up. I wouldn't mind getting people's opinions of this bike in regards to fit for the OP...

I think the previous post about older mountain bikes is a good one too if you plan on riding mostly on sidewalks and streets. You should be able to pick something up cheaper than the Trek 520 and pour some of the savings into repairs and new gear. One of the pros is you will save money but a con is you may have to spend more to fix it up...
If the OP wanted a road style I would say that bike is fairly ideal for his purpose assuming it doesn't have excessive wear. Those LX hubs has decent seals on them and are very reliable, reliable enough that NOS examples on Ebay still demand a decent price when I looked up a pair to build faster wheels for my kid's cross bike. Guessing 36h with a reasonably sturdy rim, it'll hold his weight but not ideal to what I would want to put on there. 54 might start to get a little big but he's in the right ballpark and the bike is a bargain in my opinion.

I'd also second going with a mountain bike, try to find something with a cassette hubs, these always come on slightly more expensive models and usually feature double wall rims, these two features will be integral to the wheels holding up longer and not needing as much work. Look for a 16" frame though a 17 might work ok, wouldn't suggest smaller then that. Feel free to post up finds here like the above and ask opinions.
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