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Originally Posted by michigan0626 View Post

I am looking at buying a bike to get in shape (350 lbs) and spend more time with my son. Being really fat means I need a strong bike. So yesterday I went to a couple LBS's. One box store girl recommended the Verve 2. The other shop suggested the Electra Townie. Looking online last night I saw somewhere that they recommended a touring bike because they are overbuilt tanks.

I am trying to stay near that $500 mark so that if i don't enjoy it i won't be too much money. So this has me looking used. Prices I am seeing are a lot higher than bicycle blue.

Should I be looking into certain brands? Or different style of bikes completely?
Bicycle blue book is a negotiating tool. That's about it's only use. A bike is worth what the value is to you..
If your starting out I'm not sure why a touring bike. The seating is a bit of a acquired taste. It's efficient and comfortable after awhile but usually not immediately. A hybrid bike would be a little stronger and probably feel more comfortable initially at anything under 20 miles. A mountain bike, particularly the non-suspension bikes with a set of road tires might even better fill the bill. Changing out the tires from nobbies to smooth will give you confidence in the most important skill in cycling. Seriously those old mountain bikes can be easily made into anything including the toughest touring bike around. Building it into that will give you all the skills to do your own maintenance. Poor maintenance is the reason bikes end up rusting in the corner. Drop bars can be fitted or just decent bar ends to change the character the bike along with road tires of course. Fenders, racks, panniers, lights. Oh, the humanity. Welcome.
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