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Originally Posted by noglider View Post
We had 2.125" tires on our tandem, and they were wide enough to cause occasional rubbing against the fender. I had to adjust the fenders frequently. When it was time to replace them, I browsed for quite a while. I wanted a slick or slick-ish tread, as we only ride this bike on roads. The Michelin Wild Run'r is fairly light and comes in a 1.4" size. I thought it might be too narrow and therefore harsh, but we don't notice any worsening of ride. We use 80 psi to avoid a squirmy ride. I'm happy with these tires.

I also use these tires and have for many years. For the price I think there amazing and proper road bike fast tires, I really don't feel disadvantaged in a road group on my mtb. Cornering decending from the hills is fun too. Also have Kojaks in 700c same width but feel there sluggish compared to Wild Run'r
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