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Originally Posted by jefnvk View Post
I use cable locks because they are a helluva lot easier to carry and use than U-locks and take care of 97% of theft I'm worried about. I reserve U-locks for touring and leaving my bike outside overnight, to get an extra 1% of theft coverage.

I mean, I have powertools. I don't care what lock you have, I can steal your bike in a short period of time. Heck if I put on a hard hat and a fluorescent vest, I doubt anyone will even question me.

Not to mention a felony in many jurisdiction, setting of traps in public places (regardless of the legality of the actions of the 'victim') is generally frowned upon.
I remember years ago about reading about a fellow who was a trapper. He had finished for the season and had his traps spread out around his basement after he had oiled the traps. The traps were open and set to allow the thick protective oil to penetrate into all the nooks and crannies on those traps. Some burglar broke into the trapper's basement via a basement window. When the burglar dropped to the floor from the window he landed on a trap and it snapped shut badly damaging the burglar's leg. The burglar sued the trapper and the burglar won. Even thous the trapper said if he had known the burglar was coming he'd have unset the traps. Yet another example of where the victim has fewer rights/protections than a would be thief.

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