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Originally Posted by Miele Man View Post
I remember years ago about reading about a fellow who was a trapper. He had finished for the season and had his traps spread out around his basement after he had oiled the traps. The traps were open and set to allow the thick protective oil to penetrate into all the nooks and crannies on those traps. Some burglar broke into the trapper's basement via a basement window. When the burglar dropped to the floor from the window he landed on a trap and it snapped shut badly damaging the burglar's leg. The burglar sued the trapper and the burglar won. Even thous the trapper said if he had known the burglar was coming he'd have unset the traps. Yet another example of where the victim has fewer rights/protections than a would be thief.

sorry this is an urban lawyer myth even if such a scenario occurred because johnny cochran and a band of 12 merry jurors in LA pulled this off the odds of it surviving appellate scrutiny would be less than 10% so assuming the burglar got a $150000 jury verdict his lawyer would settle for $8-15K & that would be pd to avoid additional fees & costs from the defending lawyers who charge genius fees to defend obvious loser cases
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