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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
and anyone looking for a bike can carry a set of 18" bolt cutters wrapped in a jacket and never attract attention, even as he is riding off on his (used to be someone else's) new bike.
Yep. Several years ago I was locking up my LHT with a Kryptonite and thick cable. Next to me was a young woman locking up her older Trek road bike with a cheap chain and combination lock. This was on a Sunday outside a very busy, indoor farm market-type place with lots of foot traffic. Many people ride bikes there. She went inside the building. I walked a block away to purchase a Sunday paper. As I was walking back to the market I saw what appeared to be a meth addict (skinny with bad skin) riding the woman's Trek against traffic, small duffel bag over his right shoulder. Probably contained the tools of his trade. We are talking fewer than 10 min. Guy had clearly been targeting the bike racks and pounced on the lowest hanging fruit.

I found the young woman inside the market and told her what had happened. "Oh well. I didn't feel like brining my good lock."
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