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OK, by popular demand, here it is.

You may recall I got the rjones28 saddle, but it's rails are different and it wasn't fitting in my seatpost saddle clamp.

I went to the bike store and ordered what I naively thought was a whole thing. Turns out it's only the "ears" (metal thing that secures the rails).

That solves one problem, but I still have another one--the rails barely have any clearance to the width of the seatpost itself And the black parts that insert into both sides of the seatpost protrude slightly, so the rails don't slide all the way down to the flat part where it's supposed to seat.

I'm not seeing where I could order a different version of the black parts, so it seems my options are:

(1) try to force the saddle on there (hammer the ends further inside the posts?)

(2) take to bike shoppe

What would you do?
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