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Weight 135-140 lbs

Weight. It weighs 140 lbs for shipping purposes, 135 lbs I think is the actual weight.

I moved mine myself. I didn't realize how heavy it was, but it's possible to do it solo, it's just not pretty. It took some doing, especially loading it and unloading it (Suburban). I broke the computer mount, glued it back together with proper cement.

Getting the thing into the bike room was a pain also - it's a very long and tortuous route to get into the bike room in the basement. There's no direct access from outside so up the long walk way / stairs to the front door, then to one end of the house, down the stairs, then other end of house (u-turn and a couple doors). I had to do with with the mini home gym setup I have now, as well as all the cat litter (we go through 35-70 lbs a week for 6 cats, and the litter boxes are just outside the bike room. I do a lot of "weighted walking" as part of my workout routine, including doing 2 sets of stairs each way.

I need to anchor the rear or create long, forward pointing braces so the bars are not behind the front feet. Right now it's a recipe for flipping forward (I have the super low stem, the stem is all the way forward also). The first time I did a practice standing start with shifting my butt from way back to way forward, and really punching the first downstroke, I almost ended up on my face. The rear went up into the air, I shifted back quickly, and it slammed into the floor.
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