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H F5242
...a nice puzzle...
Deda ZeroUno was produced in different "diameters", it is impossible to determine the manufacturer and model of tubes from the dimensions (because others did the same)
The "Deda" sticker from your frame is the only one in this layout I've seen on the EMC frame
Your frame would be the oldest Corsa 01 I ever registered
Your frame would be the only Corsa 01 with a regular "round" tube section I've seen
95% of Corsa 01 frames had a different chrome plating style
...and until then there's nothing wrong with it - because if it's a "prototype" Corsa 01 built from "normal ZeroUno" (instead of "speciale series per Eddy Merckx", used for sure already in 1995) with added Columbus fork (because deda wasn't available for some reason) and unusually chromium-plated (because this is the beginning of production and the "scheme" hasn't appeared yet) all this can be explained...
...but for the time being it is not possible to prove it...
What diameter do the tubes have?
Have you checked the inside of the tubes visible through the BB cover?
What do the steering tube and the markings visible there look like?

tubi alleggeriti a sezione variabile = lightened tubes with variable section
Who knows what that really means?
"Butted" or "ovalised"?

A8542 - 100% authentic, DP = Stuttgart team pattern
G231 - Arcobaleno in 10th Anni is a customized whim... but if they repainted it in EMC - you really have a unique one
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