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hi Jacek and Magos,

i just purchased an ED Corsa Extra SLX which by coinsidence i found it mentioned here in this interesting thread

Left: S
Right: C4484
Team Telecom
Model early 1991
Riders name: Carlo Janssens.

i took the front fork off to check for the label that Jacek mentioned that could possibly exist inorder to find more info on this bike, but the label did NOT exist unfortunately.

I write this post because of two questions that i have:

1. i purchased this bike with Campagnolo Chorus 8 speed groupset and Campagnolo Epsilon strada G25 wheels having......9 gears on them... After alot of effort i finally found that the rest of the group was 8 speed (was not clear to me at start) so that is why it would never tune up right. In any case i ordered to buy 9 speed derailleur and grips to make it work. But the question is: I look at the catalogues of 1990/1991/1992 and i only see bikes with "traditional shifters" located on the tube and NOT these chorus shifters on the grip that my bike has. Was there an option as to what kind of groupset/shifters one could fit at that time? Or were mine fitted later maybe?
2. Question for Magos (sorry but i can't PM you because of only one post here i am not allowed) : I don't think i bought the bike from you directly so when you sold the bike did it have above componets (Chorus 8 groupset but wheels with 9 gears?) or maybe something was changed?

by the way the bike is really great and in very good condition !!

tnx and sorry for the long bandwidth.


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