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Derailleur Issue

I have 90s era Linear Folding Recumbent. I picked it up a few months back. I had the LBS replace the tires and tubes...before realizing I could accomplish it myself. I've since then been reading the forums and watching youtube and have successfully made some adjustments to my other bikes (repacked bearings, switched out shifters etc....) The issue with the Linear is the derailleur. It has six speed cassette and a suntour derailleur. I can not get the thing to go into the largest cog of the cassette, as the lower cog of the derailleur arm is hitting it...There is no adjustment to the B screw, it is in as far as it will go and the arm will not drop any lower. It will only move to the smallest cog, no matter how far the H screws is turned, without pedaling about half a turn in it's shift, pedal, reverse pedal, and it will drop on. Not the most efficient way to shift. I've made sure the cable has no slack, the bottom of the derailleur doe not have an adjustment for cable tension, only at the shifter....It probably has been put down a few downs since it's creation. Should I just update the whole system, shifter, derailleur, cabling?
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