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Bikes: Domane SLR7 Project One

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Originally Posted by ScottRiqui View Post
My bike dates to mid-February production (the actual date code is 044 - the "060" I used upthread was just an example). So mine was made just about two weeks after yours, and the Trek rep I called today verified that it's a 2021.

Maybe the P1 bikes follow a different scheme? I wouldn't bet money on any of this being correct - all I know is that the Trek rep told me this morning that the first part after WTU is the production date, the middle part is the factory code, the last part is the bike's position on the day's production run, and that the 'R' at the end marks my Domane as a 2021.
My date code is 029. Plus there are several other items on the sticker like WO - work order?, Item & Loc. Regardless, I don't really care either and I'm with Glen, it is an awesome bike.
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