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Hi, I have a 1" Chris King GripNut with a bit of play when I rock forward and back, even if it's tightened to the point of stiffness while turning. I flipped the fork around to test the cups, but had the same issue. The adjusting ring that screws down above the top cup touches the edges of the top cup before touching the angular bearings on the inside.

The instructions say there will be a little tightness from the dust caps at first, but I think it's contacting more than that. If I tighten the lock nut, will that flare out the thread collet to press against the bearings? I'm pretty sure it's just the adjusting ring that should contact it, but is a little bit too short.

I think to make this work, I would need to sand down one of the cups for more clearance, so the adjusting ring can screw down on the bearing without rubbing the top cup. Does any of this make sense?
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