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I would think you'd want to measure the axle to crown taking into account the suspension sag so that in practice they will ride the same.

The actual rake/trail will change depending on where in the suspension travel is. Bottomed out, for example, would be a steeper headtube angle & the rake would lessen because axle would move some amount of aft when it is telescoped to closer to the crown. How much that is, that would take some math.

Probably a mm or two & a 2 degrees or so. You might download a level app on your phone & place it against some non-tapered part of your bike to measure the actual headtube angle while sitting on your bike in a riding position at the expected sag.

Maybe placing your phone app, squarely on the removed preload cap, or in front of the headtube (assuming non-tapered), or assuming a large bunch of missing headset spacers, on the steerer itself. would get you an accurate measurement.

Placing your bike against a vertical surface such as an outside drywall corner or a kitchen cabinet may be accurate enough with a carpenter square to get the rake. (crownrace center to vertical surface minus axle to vertical surface equals "X")

The point being, if you have a measured axle to crown, & a measured headtube angle, & a measured rake, you can work the rest back to a fork that will be acceptable.

FWIW: Rockshox makes a 1&⅛ straight 700c/29'er air fork with lockout & either 50 or 65mm of travel for ~$250 I think it's called a Paragon. I don't know anything about it, but the lockout may help if you don't find a rigid that works.

Edit: Here is the 65mm one.

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