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Originally Posted by thook View Post
why couldn't a threadless headset be used? then lock it down with a spacer or two, a threaded ring, and the top locknut? i don't know. maybe it wouldn't work or "look right" ...though i imagine it'd look fine depending on the headset. conversely, use a threaded headset, dremel the threads on the top threaded race and then proceed with spacer/s, ring, and locknut. in that case, it'd still look like a threaded headset not out of place

it's just a thought if getting more threads cut proves to be too much difficulty
If the OP is concerned about the aesthetics of a couple of spacers in a new headset, then he's probably going to be really off about using a threadless headset. Besides that, a 1" threadless headset is a rare breed these days. I have one on my Bilenky, and its a Chris King. Expensive, and I wish it was a 1" threaded instead. It would make life a whole lot easier.
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