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Originally Posted by shelbyfv View Post
I can see this pic being useful in other fit related threads. Apparently we need your permission to re-post it. You OK with that?
Useful how? I think you must be joking . Where do u wanna post it?

Originally Posted by mack_turtle View Post
you look like you're sitting at a desk, not on a bicycle. there is no way you're getting a balanced amount of weight front/ rear with that setup. there's so much rearward bias on that bike that you might as well be riding a unicycle. do you have a complete lack of upper body control that you can't build a balanced bike and hold some weight with your trunk/arms?

that gel saddle cover. chain hanging off the bike. no front brake but there's a bolt there. surely you post here just for laughs, right? none of your bike setup makes any sense.
No gel cover.

i remove the chain off the front ring to release tension from the derailleur when not in use. It was snowing out today.

The front brake is removed temporarily because I'm playing around with my 26x1.75 front rim. I also need to grease the pivot point on the brakes, but I've decided to simply get new tektros. So they need to come off anyways.

ive spent a lot of time working on getting more weight rearward and off my wrists/lower back. If this was too rearward for me (it may look like it, but feels great for me) I obviously would have done something about it by now.
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