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Originally Posted by shelbyfv View Post
What's your longest ride on that thing? You get the Iron Butt trophy if you can ride it over 10 miles! Take a curve at the bottom of a descent? Call the EMS ahead of time.
Youre exaggerating, I mean come on now. I can ride the bike about 1.5 hours with no break before getting a sore butt.

I'll try to get a video of me pedalling, and then find a spot with a nice bumpy turn to navigate through to show off the balance. You'd be impressed.

When keeping my weight in the saddle and bars, I can feel it in my wrists and butt. This position actively makes me use a light grip in the bars while centering my weight into the pedals. This way, im quite fast on the bike with minimal lower back soreness.

in reality this is an extreme frame fit circumstance which few of you will ever have to deal with, and I've made it work perfectly according to the way my bodyweight is dispositioned. It sure does look like my weight is very rear biased based on the bike. Doesn't feel that way. In reality my weight is distributed fore and aft the same way as with any of you riding on a proper fitting frame.

If you truly do wish to use my photo for some sort of educational purpose, go right ahead. But please don't make fun of my fit - at least not until you see the setup in action.
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