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Originally Posted by mack_turtle View Post
you're welcome. I am just perplexed by your intensions here. clearly, the way your bike fits is unique to you. it's quirky and I contend that it's not really ideal. I think you would benefit from a bike that truly fits better, and any number of experienced bike fitters who have decades of experience would agree. if you don't want to hear that, continue to do whatever works for you.

however, what do you plan to accomplish by posting "advice" about bike fitting here, considering your experience it limited and does not make any sense in the context of over a century of development among generations of the global cycling community? I just don't get why you're so hellbent on sharing your whacky bikes that make everyone cringe/ laugh when no one is going to validate your half-baked ideas. please leave the advice to people who have the knowledge and experience and quietly listen rather than pontificating your weirdo circus bikes. you could do harm to someone who does not know better and could buy a bike that does not fit a normal person or suit their riding style.

Do you know how many times I've read "you'd be better off with a better fitting frame..." yes. I think so too. But what would be an example of a better fitting frame? Could you elaborate or show an example? Ideally I'd want a sloping top tube for better standover clearance and more exposed seat post.

- I haven't done much in the way of recommending fitting ideas. While I think I do have a decent understanding, basing my unique ideas of whatever works ideally for me doesn't apply to 99.5% of you.

The majority of my advice was simple try out different length stems and saddle positions. But I'll stop there as you've made a valid point.
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