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mack_turtle in the link you posted with the road fit, looks like a good fit for him, but that rounded back is awful. These type of fits promote that, which is not good.

You look reslly comfortable on that green gravel bike. Clearly whatever you have going on there works great for you, and your back is in a much healthier position.

Agree that a mountain bike fit would be somewhere In the middle. I definetely did always want the upright cruiser position, but most of the time I certainly do not treat or handle my bike like you would expect a cruiser to be maneuvered.

In real life scenarios, I imagine that my fore/aft balancing is not far off from you on your gravel bike (using thst as an example for good fit)

Really, the only way for this to make more sense is by seeing how 6ft3 riders (of similar stature and proportion) fit onto their own bikes. You dont see 6ft3 riders heavier than 180lb on road bikes very often, so i don't think there is much of a standard.

Options are limited at the bike shops. I did find a 61 size GT Grade nearby, but I couldn't ride it because it was salty and dirty outside after snowfall. I'll try again once it's clearer outside. But just from sitting on the bike, even with the long stem and drop bars it seemed to be comfortable. So I agree with you there. But looking at the triangle of comfort, performance and efficiency of my current fit, I'd say I'm actually slightly biased towards a endurance fit, based on the way my weight is distributed on the bike.

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