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Originally Posted by Rage View Post
It’s just perplexing that you offer up advice as an authority on a subject you demonstrably show you might not fully understand yet.
The geometry you espouse and the kind of fit you advocate is just kind of wack for the purposes described.
this. sorry if I am rude, but I like the direct confrontation style of debate instead of tiptoeing around one another's feelings over clear disagreements like we're in kindergarten. I've taken my own lumps in this kind of discussion so I appreciate Moisture's resilience. to reiterate the underlying question though: Moisture comes across as a self-appointed expert. maybe that's not your goal, but that is how most of us perceive your posts. however, you offer no evidence that you really understand what you're talking about. you offer plenty of evidence to the contrary.

regarding modern bike fits: just go watch videos of anyone riding a bike. observe people around you riding. that rounded back that looks "awful" to you is the result of over a century of experience from the global cycling community. if your approach contradicts that, you're either a once-in-a-lifetime genius whose revolutionary insights will change the world, or you're an over-confident noob who has a lot to learn, starting with humility.

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