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Originally Posted by burnthesheep View Post
I've noticed roughly the same. I was assuming the glycogen was wrapped up in the water %.

I've had some instances of workouts where the fat % drops a solid 1 to 1.5% and the water % goes up by 1 to 1.5% while my bone and muscle isn't too changed. Was just curious about that.

I really just pay attention to the trend line in their app. If that's where I want to be. Making sure fat % and muscle % go the desired directions. Overall weight doesn't bother me too much as I'm not a pro.

I got the scale because of knowing about how water weight can toss your perception, and because from Nov thru Dec I drank a ton of red wine and had a lot of pastries with my coffees. So put on a bit of fat.
I did the workout, though I got interrupted in the morning and had to quit halfway through. I did the other half, which was identical to the first half, in the afternoon. Both were about 45'. Results were that my weight dropped about 1/2 lb. both times - I only drank about 4 oz sports drink each time and was riding at 58 with a box fan. The other numbers changed a little bit between before and after, but between the morning and afternoon reading pairs they either did not change or changed in the opposite direction, so probably just random variation. IOW a null result for your interest. IME though, if glycogen is being broken down, one doesn't pee out the water right away. Don't know why, but the peeing seems to come hours later, at least for me.

I was doing a 16' warmup, a 20' 53 rpm interval at 95% FTP but below AeT, and then a 10' cool down. During the 60% FTP normal cadence cool-down, it was like, "Where'd the chain go? Or is my PM broken?" Too bad I didn't get to do them both on the same ride, but this was interesting, too. Tomorrow it's 4 X 6 X 3 105% intervals, working up to 4 X 8.
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