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Caveat Emptor

I had a former classmate of my sister's stop by yesterday because she heard I work on bikes. She had purchased a bike off Amazon that required assembly and her friend had tried to put it together but gave up. My gut feeling told me to decline but I said sure bring it over. Yeah, should have listened to my gut..... Aside from all the mistakes her friend made this thing was a study in how NOT to build a bicycle. Right off the bat I observed that the brake lever housings were cheap plastic, not resin or composite just plain old plastic. I started by trying to set the front brake but the front wheel had an 1/8" of hop and was 1/4" out of true!. Once I got that down to "only" 1/32" in both directions I began the battle of the brakes, the brake arms had burrs and sharp edges all over them which made it fun. The rear wheel has a single speed BMX freewheel and a drum brake made of mostly thin sheet metal, I could see the extension arm with the cable clamp and return spring flex with every pull of the rear brake lever. I could go on but you get the idea. This doesn't even qualify for a BSO designation. If you know of anyone considering buying one of these, stop them, tie them to a chair, break their keyboard, cut up their credit cards but stop them. If it lasts the summer without breaking I will be surprised. For what this thing costs I would recommend buying a WalMart bike in the same price range if that's all your budget allows and you want a new bike, as much as I hate them they are 10 times better than this thing. When people ask me about buying a bike I always steer them toward a good used name brand bike if they have a price limit that won't get them on a new bike shop quality bike but some people just don't understand that even a used high quality bike that is several years old is a better bargain than a cheap box store bike. I've worked on hundreds of bikes over the years, this thing is the biggest pile of poo I have ever put a wrench to.

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