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Originally Posted by indyfabz View Post
At one point a friend of mine who owns a LBS refused to work on them because they would soon malfunction again and many people would bring them back claiming he had made shoddy repairs. Don’t know if that’s still his policy.
The LBS I work at sometimes just accurately prices out what it would take to make every bike work properly and doesn't cut the owners any slack because they are cheap. That always works, although the owners might not be happy they couldn't get their bike fixed for the amount of money they wanted to spend. When I worked as a bike mechanic BITD, we made the mistake of fixed price tuneups and overhauls, which gives a big discount to a person that bought a bike that is never going to work well. That was a major source of unhappiness for me. Anyone that has ever overhauled an AMF for 3 hours labor knows what I'm talking about. And even after all that work, it's never going to be anything but a BSO that barely works.
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