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Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Yeah, once something is routed, it's easy to fish subsequent wire/cables/hoses/guides through - just don't be a dummy and yank something out without thinking ahead - but I assume that were were coving the starting-from-scratch scenario, which requires tools and/or ingenuity to avoid frustration.
Actually for me that is not all the difficult either but I assume that can be bike specific. In my case I repair guitars for a living and they are 100 times more difficult to work on that bikes, so I have guitar strings I use to thread a bare frame. A guitar string of .22 gauge wire will poke in a straight line and generally go through the frame. Once I have that in I am good to go since it now is like any other cable. The guitar string even bigger gauges work well as they don't deform and bend like cables, or as much. Really it is bike specific to get a plan but the tool I assume is useful and depending on your needs buy one. I made my dish tool also but if you do a lot of wheels the park is nice.
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