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Originally Posted by Gunther20 View Post
I recently bought my first bike with disc brakes (yay for me!). When driving to a trail or wherever I typically would toss (gently) my rim-brake equipped bikes into the back with the drive side up. No problems. But now that I've got disc brakes on the non-drive side I wonder which way is safer as I'm concerned about keeping the brakes aligned. Should I be transporting it drive side up/brake side down or drive side down/brake side up?
I do have a hitch mounted hanging rack that I use when there is no room in the back of the SUV but I don't want it to keep it mounted on a daily basis. The hanging rack also poses other risks with daily use. I put myself on a waiting list for a 1up tray rack but who knows how long that waiting list is. Perhaps when I take possession of the 1up rack I'll just leave it on all summer.

My one up order took 3 week in late Feb. They are picking up the pace though, the add on I bought only took a week.
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you should learn to embrace change, and mock it's failings every step of the way.

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