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Originally Posted by 70sSanO View Post
You need to think how well your current 34-32 setup works on hills. That is the key to this because if you want something a lot lower than what you have a 40-42, or 38-42 may not give you enough climbing. Maybe a 10-46 or 10-50.

Of course gapping gets worse the wider you go.

And using those bigger range cassettes exceeds the chain wrap capacity of the easiest to fit RD, and necessitates using an extender link with potential for a slack chain in the highest gears (smaller cogs)...or necessitates more complicated solutions to use a MTB RD with road levers (I linked a neat article that explains how to do it with examples). But, there comes a point where you just gotta ride, train, and condition yourself to pushing the cranks to make the bike go up grades...a far better solution IMO than using a RD way outside spec, for a lot of reasons, including personal health physically and mentally.
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