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I've got a few 1x bikes.

My first build was 10 speed for gravel. It had a clutched SLX derailleur that I usually forgot to turn on. I dropped the chain at first but once I got the length right, it never happened again. I beat the crap out of it on washboards and ruts, it worked great.

A mountain bike with 10 speed XT, pre-clutch. I rode it for a year before doing a major 11 speed overhaul. I never dropped the chain. I ride it as seriously as my weak legs can.

My new gravel is pretty basic Sram stuff, so again, no chain drops.

The common denominator is a NW ring. I haven't noticed a difference between name brand and ebay generic. It's pretty basic.

Chain length should be about 1 link longer than you need for your lowest gear.

I love the clutch for the silent crash down the gnar. I can't believe I listened to that slap for so many years. I don't think it matters much for chain retention though.
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