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Hi Guys,

Believe it or not I'm somewhat new to forums.. I keep seeing people apologize for resurrecting old threads but is this really against etiquette?

I could use some help with this Shimano m050r also. I got it off of am 89 giant Sedona I picked up to practice overhauling on. Didn't intend on disassembly it the pod but it was so seized up Incept In had to. I figured I could find a Shimano exploded view worst case scenario but didn't look first. There aren't any online. Any way, I could really use some help getting this thing back together. I think I have the layers correct but I'm struggling with orientation of the c spring and holder plate above it. Heck I might have more parts disoriented.

Andy and others, any way you could help me get these freshly cleaned parts sandwiched back together?


Andy #2
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