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Originally Posted by icemilkcoffee View Post
All Shimano 3x8 brifters are interchangeable. So that includes 105 1056, RX100 A553, RSX A416(?), Sora 3300 (8 speed, not 7 speed, which has the same 3300 part number!), 3400, Claris R2030.... and Microshift R8.

The only thing in the 8 speed universe, which does not play well with others, is the current Claris R2000 2X8. The 2X8 left brifter has a different (ie 4700 series) pull ratio. But luckily the 3X8 still uses the old pull ratio. Same with the Sora R3000 series - the 2x9 is not backwards compatible but the 3x9 is.
woow ,thank you soooo much everyone for taking the time to help me,can uou tell me where can I learn all this? Is there a books or websites to educate myself more? Cheers everyone
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