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Originally Posted by madpogue View Post
So I probably missed it somewhere earlier in this (or some other helicomaticentric) thread, but how does one distinguish the destructo version from the... not-so-destructo?
I'm not sure, They seem pretty rare. Apparently, Jon T (post #49) had the non-destructo version. I'm trying to figure out if the Helicomatic 700 series, as on the 720 Trek hold up any better than the usual model. They look nicer, and are very smooth, like butter, on at least the fairly unused example I have. I'm scared to use it. I'd hate to trash the only other example of a helicomatic that didn't get cooked in six months.
Sorry If I contributed to sidetracking this thread and I do wish the OP the best of luck with his, and welcome any good news about these hubs.
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