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The bike will be a theft magnet. It is, pretty much, as simple as that. Were it me, I would not ride it anywhere where I had to leave it unattended, on a regular basis. If I absolutely had to do so, I would leave it in a high traffic area, not some secluded place. I would use a very good cable lock and lock the bike to a stable object. I would pull the front wheel or at the very least, the saddle (a quick release seat post clamp would facilitate this), rendering the bike unrideable or close to it. That said...

I would, for a few dollars, get her an entry level steed of little monetary value and ensure that it is road worthy and safe to ride. A good lock would still be needed every single time!

Other than that, offer prayers to the anti theft bicycle gods and hope that they are listening.

For years, I rode my Junk Bike to work, locked it to a sturdy railing and left it at that. I still enjoyed the ride to and from work and never experienced the worry of theft. Even if it did get took. so what? I could live with it...

That old Peugeot looked not too bad from a distance but a close up look was, obviously, good enough to prevent anyone from even wanting to touch the diseased looking steed...

The bike was dirt cheap to buy and convert to SS configuration and it was, quite frankly, a hoot to ride steel rims and all...
"98% of the bikes I buy are projects".
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