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My bikes were parked at University of Toronto, Ryerson University and also George Brown College. All these schools had really high theft rates.
At UofT, I carried the bike up a fire escape and hung it on the outside of the guard rail so it didnít block the path. At the other schools I only locked against fences or guard rails. Two ulocks were always used and both had their own connection to the fence. I left one lock on the fence over night and only carried one lock with me. Anybody remember the Kryptonite Rock?
!!! Donít use older Kryptonite locks with the tubular key on the end of the tube!!! Google it if you donít already know.
Bike racks are buffet stations for bike thieves. Or even petty pilfering for bells, lights, components by other riders.
Make the bike unique and instantly recognizable. That makes it harder to sell.
Go over all the quick releases, replace with nuts and bolts if you donít really use them on a regular basis. Wheels can come off in less than 5 seconds if theyíre not locked, front or back.
Take a look at my ďOlder BianchiĒ post. The experts here say the bike looks like a disaster (I loved the analysis), but it rides well and I havenít lost it!
Also, consider how much bike she needs if itís only to get from dorm to classes.
Good Luck!
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