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[Forum mods, please delete the previous message that I posted with the same info and huge photos. The photos on that post are so big that the Edit button is obscured from me. Thanks!]

I haven't gotten any vintage frames/forks powdercoated,
just a modern mini-velo frame/fork that I bought without any finish at all.
I took it to the local powdercoater:

Sandblast America
6974 Wellington Road, Manassas, VA. 20109

Was quoted $175-$225 for media blast, masking and single color coat.
The color I wanted had to be special ordered so,
the price was adjusted to $150 + the cost of the powder.

Before I brought them the frame/fork, I made a list of every thread,
tube opening, and any other bicycle-specific masking instructions (keep
serial number legible, etc),
which I printed out like a checklist, then taped it into a loop around the toptube so
that it wouldn't become separated from the frame until they removed it.

I am happy with the result. They did everything that I instructed them to do.
I've no lugs or head-badge to report about but, if I had those, I would've first
gotten verification that they could properly address them.

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