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Bikes: Need one

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I am 45 years old, I am 5 foot 11 3/4 inch(almost 6 ft) . inseam is 30 inches(from heel to inside). I was looking at a 56cm or a 58cm bike sizes(reading of differnet charts on different bikes).

From previous casual biking trips(15 years ago) and cross county runs, I used to have high levels of endurance. I never got into sprinting or climbing with bikes(my races were always running). I hope that help you a little.

Originally Posted by cyclezen View Post
I would love to help you get back on a bike. At the moment bike stocks are really tight, and many non-existent, so not the best time to be in the market.
But there are bikes out there.
If, you're not really aware of what to expect and what to look for then some expertise from a decent bike shop would be the best avenue. But the $500 limit may not be possible at a bike shop, short of a beach cruiser...
Buying 'used' will give the best bang for the buck, if you know what to look for. And even thinking that you know enough, I will be sorry to say, is not going to be enough to keep you away from the dark hole of bikes which need some special attention (read expensive parts and repair).
I took a quick look at Craigslist for your area - , and its a wide assortment of stuff, much of which you can't consider.
$500 is a sizeable amount of money, but sadly, these days, doesn't often buy a nice,good bike.
Is there someone local to you, who has bike knowledge who can help you?
If $500 is the total budget, and you need stuff, I would allocate $350 max. for the bike, $75-$100 for needed stuff, ,like a helmet (which can be bought for $30ish) foot pump (ir cheap electric pump), Clothing can be some 'active' wear stuff, but avoid any cotton. And then $50 to $75 for any small parts, consumables, like tubes, etc.
Buying from a Big Box, like Target. I don;t know anyhting about their bike selections, but there seem to be plenty of these rolling around the UCSB campus here, are not well cared for but still seem to be serviceable for the year or longer. I have no real interest in knowing what they sell, so I don;t know...
If you were to give us, the bikeforum, more of an idea of your dimensions, age; we can at least give you and idea of what a workable size range of bike, might work for you. Next would be an inseam measurement, reference you can find with an internet search - good if you can go that far. Best is to start within that reasonable size range. Further adjustments can then be made . But likely you'll ride the bike with gear as it comes on the bike you buy, Seat height adjustment, maybe handlebar adjustment, and then ride the bike for however long you might keep it...
AN under $500 bike is normally not going to warrent any 'upgrades'. Ride it, and when ready or wanting 'better', expect to buy something else.
But others have posted info and images of bikes they are considering, and have gotten a good range of 'opinion' from others.
Give us your height and we can give a bike size range.Then you can look around and if you see something you like in the size range, post info and images (or listing) and get more opinion from Bikeforums members.
Best of luck
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