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Originally Posted by Senathon View Post
I am 45 years old, I am 5 foot 11 3/4 inch(almost 6 ft) . inseam is 30 inches(from heel to inside). I was looking at a 56cm or a 58cm bike sizes(reading of differnet charts on different bikes).

From previous casual biking trips(15 years ago) and cross county runs, I used to have high levels of endurance. I never got into sprinting or climbing with bikes(my races were always running). I hope that help you a little.
Ok, so almost 6 ft, - inseam sounds like a pants inseam - what you might use for sizing some jeans... but still a bit on the shorter side for your height.
So for road bike sizing my best estimate would be 56cm , 58 cm might be the top MAX and usable and 54 bottom and not best - 55, 56, 57 - in US 22 1/2 - 23 inch
These numbers are frame sizing for road bikes - sometimes, especially on listing for used bikes, sizing stated is NOT the actual frame size, just some number the owner cooked up, like off the tire size... LOL!
I would shy away from 54, because the size would necessitate more forward lean, and so more adjustment to get accustomed to and also make your re-entry a bit more difficult. Better to err to the larger frame sizes than smaller. SO, yeah, I'd check out 58s before considering 54s, in your case.
I did a quick look again at the CL listing, in light of your sizing. There are a nice assortment of bikes in and close to your price, BUT they are all really small ! There must be a lot of really short people in Delaware... LOL!
But CL changes often, so when something interesting in your size range pops up there, re-post here in your thread, with a listing link, and I'm sure you'll get some good opinion about.
Good Luck
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