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Originally Posted by themrbruceguy View Post
Personally, I always recommend to people looking to get into biking (for any reason) to get outside as often as possible. There's a sense of adventure when you're outside, even when it's freezing, that indoor training doesn't give you. There's a sense of accomplishment getting back from a ride that was at your limits (hard effort, long distance, etc) that isn't quite the same as indoor training. You don't need all of the high end clothing to start out. Just layer up with what you have and face the winter head-on. Show it who's boss! I've always found so much more enjoyment doing that then sitting on a stationary bike inside. It builds a lot of mental toughness too, which is useful in cycling. (although sitting on a stationary trainer for extended periods of time also builds up mental toughness, just different).

As for which bike you should get, I have only ever purchased used and have been very happy with that. If you search around, you're bound to find a good deal for $500 that wouldn't even get you close at Walmart, Target, Dicks, etc. You can find a quality bike for that budget.

Just my thoughts!
Yeah that's IF you get back without getting hit by a truck in bad light or falling off on the icy road. Sometimes it's just more convenient and safer to train inside. Especially when you are starting from scratch and in recovery from major surgery.
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