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Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
Different years (probably).

The "BMC ROADMACHINE ONE AXS" (the one for rent) appears to be a 2021 model (the rental site has a link to the specifications).

Presumably, the BMC website is showing 2022 models.
The link above, https://arcane-brook-43772.herokuapp...hine%20ONE#top , is from BMC's website, under their Bike Archive Is it not written, but it is the 2021 model.

The base model name is "Roadmachine 01". Then, there are sub models ("one", "two", "three", "four", "five").
Confusing naming and confusing site. That page has both the Roadmachine 01 (ONE-FIVE) on top and Roadmachine (ONE-FIVE) if you scroll down. Still, this "lower end" BMC should still be better than the other bikes for rent. Question is, is better worth it? More for speed, it would be more a question of comfort, but a good fit is a better bet than a better bike.

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