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Originally Posted by veganbikes View Post
What about tricycles, unicycles, quadricycles, pedal powered aircraft and boats and the multitudes of other human powered vehicles that are not bicycles? Why do you feel the need to change something just because you put some lawn signs and motorcycle headlights on a cheap old Fuji? I am baffled. I see no issue with calling a bicycle a bicycle, just like I call a door a door. I don't need to call it a "carbon based portal separation device" or something goofy like that.

No need to genericize everything and turn it into this sterile language all the time. A bicycle is a bicycle because it is a cycle with two wheels, there is no need to change that and I can assure you making it more generic won't help. You turn into Ms. Swan from MadTV "he looka like a man"
To make people think. Human Powered Vehicle is actually the scientific term for bicycle, and all those others.
Im going to record a rap music song, where I say ‘bicycle’ 98 times, but everyone who doesn’t ride a bicycle will have to say Human Powered Vehicle.
It’s a matter of respect
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