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Originally Posted by hotbike View Post
To make people think. Human Powered Vehicle is actually the scientific term for bicycle, and all those others.
Im going to record a rap music song, where I say ‘bicycle’ 98 times, but everyone who doesn’t ride a bicycle will have to say Human Powered Vehicle.
It’s a matter of respect
I am sure most every scientist on the planet when describing a bicycle will probably call it a bicycle in order to properly name it as a bicycle. Like I said in the previous post what about Human Powered Vehicles that aren't BICYCLES?

How is calling a bicycle a bicycle disrespectful? Should we start calling apples, "food based orbs" specifically to refer to apples and not onions or oranges or grapefruits or some other type of round food out of some sort of "respect". Where does the madness end

A new glossary of terms:
Tires = Ground Interactive Rubber Circles
Handlebars = Handheld Steering Pipes for Human Powered Vehicles
Unicycle = Not sure? Would be disrepectful to bicycles (read Human Powered Vehicles) to call them Human Powered Vehicles because of science.

In terms of rap or some sort of spoken word/poetry here is a little ditty I wrote up in about a minute:

Hey there dude a bike is a bike
If you can't agree just take a hike
I am spitting mild fire just to fan the flames
but if I can be real now it is all just games
I am making a laugh a joke if you will
I'm not causing trouble or being a pill
But you should really know that a bike is a bike
If you enjoyed this rap give it a like
If you didn't I hope you got the message
A bike is a bike no need for transgression
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